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With over 13 years’ experience, Danielle Birk, Broker of Advantage Realty Group, LLC is excited to announce that her and her team of realtors are here to serve you.

Along with Realtors Matt Hammond, Brandon Stiner, Shirley Allen, Robert Hess, Sarah Bulinski, Joni Stiner, Victoria Stiner and Lori Welch, primarily serving Coffey, and nearby surrounding counties, our team makes a difference in helping you whether it be in buying, selling, or just simply adding to your property portfolio.

Progress in Our knowledge about the market, fresh perspectives, and focus are really required in today’s marketplace and Advantage Realty Group, LLC is the right place to go for that.

We believe in our motto: “Don’t Make A Move Without Us!” is a real living expression of how we feel about serving you through your client experience. Our feeling is that you will be a repeat customer and will refer others to us if we meet your needs in a superior fashion- after all, this is our home too and we understand the value of our relationships and small town living at its finest, and pride ourselves in what we and our communities have to offer.

You may be looking to expand or relocate beyond our local market and if that is the case, let us know, we have a network of professionals we can refer you to because we want you to get the best service possible— even when we aren’t there.

It is our vow, in this competitive real estate environment to provide our clients with the maximum opportunities for success.

We are thankful for our many clients, friends, and families, and have a warm appreciation for those whom we have worked with and helped and look forward to continued service.

Stay tuned for more exciting things to come and remember—Don’t Make a Move Without Us!

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